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Yangzhou Shouxi Lake Spring Resort is located on the Shouxi Lake bank, and is oppsite to the WAN garden, only one way from the east gate of Shouxi Lake, 5 minutes drive away from downtown, surrounded by Yangzhou famous scenic spots such as Songjia City, Daming Monastery and Guanyin Mountain. There are many spring pools in hotel, including the health care and medicated bath area, skin embellishing and care area, physical relieving and therapy area and parent-child interaction area.

Hotel exterior sece

Shouxi Lake Spring Resort is contracted by the Shanghai Qumun furniture. Although located in the city center, it is far from the hustle and noise. We made this peaceful land seem to be naturally made, to bring comfort to customers. To enter the hotel public areas is to walk in the gardens of white walls and green trees. Having the unique southern style of spiritual, exquisite and flexible, it also owns the deep, massive and bold northern style. This design comes from both nature and the imitation & refining of nature.

Public area

There are 171 rooms in the hotel, most of them are of Chinese style, including 60 spring villa rooms. Each one has independent courtyard and spa pool, is equiped with TV, WIFI, etc.

Hotel rooms

JUHUA Restaurant is the cuisine paradise of Yangzhou, 800 capacity of buffet, nearly 300 kinds of Chinese and western cuisine. For Chinese food, there are four medium-sized banquet halls and 12 unique suit rooms to provide classic Huaiyang cuisine. Through unceasing innovation, JUHUA Restaurant launches all kinds of food festivals.


6 large, medium and small size meeting rooms can hold 30~350 people. Provide professional sound and LED screen, advanced facilities and professional meeting service managers who are responsible for providing housekeeper type close-fitting service throughout the activities.

Meeting rooms

Night scenery

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