[Qumun beauty] the new crown America opened the first out of fun, love life hiking trip

Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-11-07   Browse Number:2841

In order to enhance the level of personal business, sense of responsibility, team cohesion and so on, I Division every Saturday to carry out internal sales training activities. At the same time as the end of final sprint. November 12th morning, Xu Zong, general manager of the company and the Beijing branch of Zhao is speech opened the curtain of training.

The training to communicate between employees, relax, looking for the main problem, the scene is filled with a relaxed atmosphere

There is a serious atmosphere you close my eyes and meditate in search of a problem

Colleagues to participate in training

Finally, by the technical center director Zhang, a chair to accept the morning training and opened the afternoon of the new crown of the United States first out of fun, love life hiking activities.

Hiking is located in Qingpu Xiayang lake. The way not only walk around the lake and Museum activities, more quiz waiting for you to create new styles. Two o clock in the afternoon, the chairman of the board of directors Zhang opened the trip.


Finally, the leadership of the company for the award winners

The successful completion of the walk, we posed for pictures

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